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No one becomes a stage hypnotist sitting in a classroom.

No one becomes a stage hypnotist reading a book.

No one becomes a stage hypnotist watching DVDs.

There is only one way to become a stage hypnotist; you have to get on a stage and do shows!

A short story

I did some hypnosis in high school. I did it at parties and a few shows. I then didn’t do it again for 15 years. I did continue doing my magic show. In 1992, I was in South Africa performing my comedy magic show with a juggler and a puppeteer in a theater show called “Laugh America.” When the show ended each night, I invited the audience to stay in the theater for “a hypnosis show” that puppeteer, Bob Hartman, was developing.

I watched Bob fail and I watched him succeed. It was watching him fail that showed me, “I can fail, too.” I returned to the USA and I began developing my show in earnest, and I had some failures, but I grew and I succeeded. Failing is part of the process, and you may – or may not – fail while you are with me, but someone will and it will give you strength – to keep on going…

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2017 Queen Jacqueline Buchanan

Robeson County Fair, Lumberton, NC

Jacqueline joined me three times one-on-one

Larisa Neshcheret has come to four Boot Camps

Why do I only do this in the summer?

When schools are out, fairs operate all day and late into the night. This means we can get many more shows into the day than if we are only at a fair that opens after school weekdays and on weekends. Fair audiences are often huge and more than willing to participate. This makes for successful shows. However, sometimes audiences are really small – and this makes the trainings real! When you do shows that start with under 30 people in the audience, you can do shows for any audience![/et_pb_text]

 Earning Potential

You will probably start out doing a few free shows (get your feet wet) then charge $100 a show, then your price can jump to $400, then $600-$800, and finally you will start making $1000-$1500 or occasionally more in a few years. Making $1500 a show doesn’t happen over night. Sorry. You will discover I am VERY truthful. I won’t bullshit you. I am not running for President.

Alan has dinner every night with the group

Above is Michael & Tina Mayo

Michael worked with Alan one-on-on in 2015

Your Investment

My moral compass reads, “Treat everyone the way you want them to treat your daughter.”

I used to give full refunds, but this has created hardships when someone reserves a spot in the class, then cancels and I have turned away someone else. So now the policy is we will credit your deposit towards any future boot camp or classes Lisa and I teach.

I call it the “Southwest Airlines Policy”