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Alan Sands
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Hi, I am Alan…

I began doing hypnosis in 1977, but really in earnest I began in 1993. I had some advantages and a few disadvantages.


My father did stage hypnosis. I watched his shows over and over as a teenager and copied what my father did while entertaining at parties my senior year of high school. I stopped doing hypnosis though because I was wise enough at 17 years old to know I didn’t know what I was doing. I took it up again at age 32, 15 years later.

I was a comedy magician from a very young age. My father also did magic for a living. I was working on the same stages at county fairs as Hypnotist Terry Stokes. Terry’s influenced was tremendous on me and many others who do stage hypnosis . To this day, I still think Terry Stokes, Sr. is amongst the best. Terry published a hypnosis book in 2019 called, “Stage Hypnosis My Way” and I give this book to every student taking my boot camps.

When I began, I studied the best book available at the time. It was written by Ormond McGill. I took notes and developed my show.  I sell  – “The New Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnosis” by Ormond McGill on my web site available here: – If you do not own a copy, it is the bible – you should get a copy.

As a registered student of my classes, I used to give the encyclopedia to every student. Now I give you Terry Stokes newest book, “Stage Hypnosis My Way.” It is a lot more practical.


When I began doing stage hypnosis, there were no trainers who gave classroom overviews of how to do a stage hypnosis show like Marc Savard, Terry Stokes, Richard Barker, Justin Tranz, Jim Wand, Jonathan Chase (in England), Alex William Smith (aka Jonathan Royle also in England) Jerry Valley, Tommy Vee & Michael DeSchalit, Kevin Lepine, Don Spencer, Barry Jones, Rich Guzzi, Michael Anthony and others offer.

I eventually took Jerry Valley’s very first Stage Hypnosis Class with Ormond McGill and Shelly Stockwell in 1999. It was an introductory class and I had already been performing on stages for six years.  In 2015, I attended another class taught by Jerry Valley, Tommy Vee & Michael DeSchalit. It was an excellent classroom overview of how to do a stage hypnosis show, but it did not get people on stage doing shows.

This is the original STAGE TRAINING created by me because I wanted to give back. Stage hypnosis has given me the opportunity to travel around the world performing – but I also want people to have the jumpstart I did not have. Don’t get me wrong, others are copying my classes and attempting to operate similar stage hypnosis boot camp now, but from what I keep hearing – they are not doing it quite as well. In fact, people are leaving very disappointed. I stand behind what I offer – in everything.

Dr. Daniel Anders

Psychology Professor and Practicing Psychologist

Hypnosis Training, Lumberton, NC 2013

Midland, GA

Frank Worley

Hypnosis Training In Oregon 08/15

Memphis, Tennessee

Lisa Kunschick (alias Misty Knight)
Lisa Kunschick head Shot
Lisa Kunschick head Shot

Hi, I am Lisa…

I began studying hypnosis in 1983. I had some advantages and a few disadvantages.


I was young and ready to learn

I trained with some of the greats of hypnosis including Ormond McGill, Charlie Tebbetts and James Russell. They influenced and shaped the way I practice hypnosis.

I spent years studying and was very gung ho.


I was young. I immediately started advertising for clients and they looked at me like I was a little kid.

My mentor suggested I switch to stage hypnosis where my youth would not matter. So I started doing hypnosis house parties. Then eventually I migrated back to the clinical side. I had a clinical hypnosis practice for 14 years in my hometown.

We offer you what we didn’t have:

  • the opportunity to get on stage and work a show with a fresh audience, show after show.
  • two coaches or directors giving you valuable pointers.
  • a way to create a video demo. Getting good video footage is near impossible when you begin.
  • Photographs, costumes and music are all critical factors in getting off to a good start.

Fairs have always been a great place to work on new material. A performer can do multiple shows in a row and have the opportunity to work with a fresh new audience each show.

This also makes fairs the perfect training grounds to teach someone stage hypnosis!

In October 2013, Alan began inviting newbie stage hypnotists on the road with him. You get on stage and you do multiple complete shows.
You are video recorded, every show.
You are taught about sound systems, microphones, video equipment, back-of-the-room sales and other lessons in detail that can take years to acquire unless you do it – hands on – multiple shows in a row.

To date, I have coached 33 people in eleven Boot Camps. I am confident I am doing this right because multiple students have returned twice, three times and one of them four times to further hone their skills and show.


I teach the way I learn

  • I like it when a teacher tells me what they are going to teach me
  • The teacher then shows me what they told me
  • The teacher then lets me do it

The students are having awesome success. They all tell me I am doing it right.

It’s exciting to see so many of my students making decent money, getting paid fair market value doing complete stage hypnosis shows. In fact, I have helped many of my students after the training is over and gotten shows for them including Dr. Dan Anders;

Michael Mayo ~

James Dayley ~

Lynx Kim ~ 

Kegan Remmey ~

To learn more about me, my bio is on my personal web site:

It tells you all about who I am, what I do, how long I have been performing and for who I perform.

If you want to know me, visit me