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Stage Hypnosis Boot Camp

You work hard for a week and succeed!

The SandMan’s Stage Hypnosis Boot Camp

What You Get

  • Promo Photos – Bring your Sunday Best, dry cleaned & pressed with you!
  • Two Camera HD Video of your shows
  • Marketing Advice
  • Extensive Analog Sound System Training
  • Music and Sound Effects
  • FaceBook Page Development & Advertising

All very personal, designed to help YOU become a stage hypnotist.
This is the only live, on stage, solo performance, day-after-day training of it’s kind!

Are you getting value?
My first two demo videos in the early 1990’s cost me $3,000 each to produce!
You will leave this training with enough footage to edit and build a demo, GUARANTEED!

Alan Sands performing at the Deltana Fair, Delta Junction, Alaska

BUT, that’s not all!

What you will gain at my training

You will get on stage and do a show every day
You will get coaching.
We will take photos of you so you have a promo photo and can create a slide show.
We will discuss marketing; creating a web site, Facebook pages and other methods of getting shows.
Technology is important – know and understand microphones, headsets, mixers, amps, speakers, receivers, wires, connectors, MP3 players, remotes, wireless systems, video cameras.

Returning students may also learn the basics of video editing with FinalCut Pro and iMovie.
Very limited group size makes this training in-depth and personal.

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In 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017  I attended HypnoThoughts in Las Vegas every summer. (http://HTLive.net)

I returned to the Jerry Valley / Tommy Vee / Michael DeSchalit classroom stage hypnosis training in Las Vegas March 2016. (https://www.stagehypnosisseminar.com)

I also attended the Ultimate Stage Hypnosis Conference March 2017; was a presenter at the Ultimate Stage Hypnosis Converence in 2018 and presented at HypnosisWorld in 2019. I am invited back to present at HTLive 2020.

Why do I go?

When I began doing magic lectures, I saw other magicians lecture to learn how to lecture. I knew my material, but I was not polished in ‘how’ to deliver it.

I began doing comedy stage hypnosis shows in 1993. And, beginning in 2013, I have now run ten Bootamp programs with 32 students … but, I know I can always learn more.

I attended Jerry Valley’s 1st stage training in ’99 with Ormond McGill and Shelly Stockwell. His classroom training has improved immensely, and I was able to videotape the whole class. I hope to be able to make the DVDs of that classroom training available, the entire classroom teachings of some dynamite instructors!

I absorbed a lot while I was at each of these classes.

Regardless of whether you buy the DVDs or not, I will share a lot of it with you!
I call my training bootcamp “Coaching.” It’s different than other trainers and how they train because I put you on stage, day after day, show after show.
Doctors don’t become doctors sitting in a classroom. They do classroom, internships and then they practice. Lab work is every year, not after they do classroom.

When I started, I read books, watched other performers, took classes (clinical and stage) and did shows. But I had no coach, no director, no one giving me small, subtle hints on safety and how to be more effective. I wish I had the stage direction I now offer.

My training includes classroom, usually a smattering of reading, watching videos, you get on stage – and you DO shows!

Entire Solo Shows

With an audience of fresh volunteers show after show. No ‘hypno-junkies’ or fellow students. You will get old & young volunteers just like you will get in actual shows! THAT is the only way to learn how to do stage hypnosis!

As one past student said, “Alan pushes you off the dock and into the water, and you learn how to swim” however, I am still there and will not let you drown. I am your lifeguard. You learn to do shows, real shows in the real world. I have a 100% success rate.

Are you ready to become a stage hypnotist? Then The Sandman’s Stage Hypnosis Boot Camp is for you. Add these dates – (Dates to be confirmed shortly) – to your calendar. It’s time to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Other trainers take as many students as they can get, sit ’em in a classroom & lecture them for 1 to 5 days. The students leave the classroom never having done a full show or a real show with people who have never been hypnotized.

Would you take a cooking class and never actually cook? Perhaps using all prepared ingredients?

That’s not how I learn things, and that is not how I coach.

 I take the group and bring them to a classroom. We learn audio, video and discuss the parts of a show so you are ready; then we go to a fairgrounds and you get on stage multiple days in a row, doing shows!

When you leave, you will say, “YES, I can do a show!” with confidence!

I want you to succeed

I have designed my class the way I wish I had the opportunity to learn when I began performing. Half my alumni have asked to come back and participate again so they can improve even more. That is my measure of success! Please, talk to them directly.

  1. Dr. Dan Anders – professordananders@gmail.com
  2. Brian Varano – brianvarano@gmail.com
  3. Vanessa Lindren – hypnosisdrvanessa@gmail.com
  4. Jeff Harping – jeffharpring@yahoo.com
  5. Martin Baratz – mbaratz@comcast.net (returned twice)
  6. Gail Webster – gailwebster@myfairpoint.net (returned twice)
  7. Mike Allerton – mike@aussiehypnotist.com.au (returned twice – From Australia)
  8. Jacqueline Buchanan – qnangel@gmail.com (returned three times)
  9. Scott Parks – scott-parks@comcast.net
  10. Colin Fisher – colintfisher@gmail.com (From England)
  11. Robert Geigle – Robert.Geigle33@gmail.com
  12. Marc Marshall – marc@hypnomarc.com
  13. Bonnie Slykhuis – bonnieslyk@gmail.com
  14. Frank Worley – magic16249@yahoo.com
  15. Lynx Kim – lynxtheanimator@gmail.com (returned twice)
  16. Michael Mayo – hypnotistmichaelmayo@gmail.com
  17. Larisa Neshcheret –larisastylist@gmail.com (returned three times)
  18. George Brewer – gjbrewer2@gmail.com
  19. Mark Mallett – mark56usa@gmail.com (returned twice)
  20. Thom Kyte – tekyte1115@yahoo.com (returned twice)
  21. David Gruben – dwvid@frmhypnosis.com
  22. Patrick Delaney – delaneypjd@hotmail.com
  23. Kegan Remmey – KeganRemmey@yahoo.com
  24. James Dayley – jamesdayley@aol.com
  25. Lisa Kunschick – advncdhyp@yahoo.com
  26. Joan Sands – joanvdeegan@gmail.com
  27. Mike O’Clair – Liz33ND@gmail.com
  28. Diane Schweizer – schweizerdiane2@gmail.com
  29. Andie Oswald – aoswald@live.com
  30. Mark Adam – mark.a.adam@gmail.com
  31. Frank Prince – frankprince@mindspring.com
  32. Dr. Jim Eggold – Jimeggold@cox.net
  33. Steven Severin – booots@msn.com

What will it take for you to participate?

When you sign up for this class, I give you full access to my VIMEO On Demand videos.


There are close to 200 copies of my show on there. I expect you to either know a good induction or transcribe my induction before you come to class so you have some working knowledge of an induction. If you choose to use your own, that’s OK, too. You will be getting on stage and doing shows, so I really recommend you have some working knowledge of how to do an induction. We will learn the rest together!

These are 12-14 hour days!
This is Stage Hypnosis Boot Camp!
This is not for the faint of heart! You will do shows!

Student Testimonials

This is not a magical course where you leave with amazing knowledge just by osmosis and through assimilation.

You have to work for a week and you will succeed!