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One-Day Induction Training

Lisa Kunschick has been doing hypnosis for over 35 years (no, she doesn’t look it).

She came to boot camp in 2018 and what she shared was that two of the students needed to learn a good induction, understand the mechanics behind an induction, have some solid “Stage Hypnosis Induction” training.

Not everyone needs this training, but with this knowledge, we have decided to create a one-day training that teaches you multiple inductions and why and how they work.

The Day includes:

  • Instant (aka Rapid) Inductions
  • Progressive Inductions
  • Deepening Techniques
  • Inductions for Children
  • The Signs of Hypnosis

This one-day training is open to anyone including people who will not be part of the Boot Camp as well as those attending the Boot Camp.

The price is $375.

If you have questions,

Contact Lisa Kunschick regarding one day induction training at:

Phone: 760-580-5472

Email: lisa@alansands.com