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The SandMan’s Stage Hypnosis Boot Camp will take place twice in 2019. One in July in Susanville, California at the Lassen County Fair July 15-21 and a second Boot Camp at the Western Montana Fair, Missoula, MT August 5-11, 2019.

I am excited. these two classes will be the Boot Camps 10th & 11th incarnation. The Western Montana Fair has an estimated attendance of 80,000 people over five days. The Lassen County Fair has only 30,000 people over five days, but the patrons stay on the fairgrounds all day long.  These hypnosis boot camps are going to be EPIC!

The lodging for the Boot Camp at the Lassen County Fair in Susanville, CA has not been arranged or confirmed as of yet.

For the Missoula, MT Boot Camp, Lisa and I have arranged an AIRBNB. The prices for an AIRBNB are 1/2 the price of a hotel.

I expect to have six students, Lisa and myself at each of these stage hypnosis training class, a total of eight people.

We will do a day and a half of classroom training learning about sound and video as we will use the equipment in our hypnosis shows at the fair. This basic introduction takes place before the fair opens. Students should expect to arrive the Sunday before or Monday the first day of Boot Camp and we will gather for our first pow-wow just before dinner, then go to dinner together.

The second day we will walk through the Fairgrounds and set up. We need to be prepared to do shows the third day. We will go over scripts, do some yoga, vocal exercises and talk about entering and exiting the stage. We will make sure people have music and a list of routines they will do.

The next five days will take place on the fairgrounds. Each performer will do one show a day. We will do as many shows as we can each day, gathering a fresh audience shortly after they disperse so the next performer can get on stage and begin as quickly as possible.

This is a Boot Camp. A lot of people come here thinking it will be an eight hour day, like in a classroom, but many days may be 12-14 hours.

Every night we gather for a meal after we leave the fairgrounds and go over hypnosis show notes and we again pow-wow about how the day went. This builds camaraderie.

Lifelong friendships are created because we are all like-minded with a similar goal and interest: to be able to do Stage Hypnosis Shows and get paid a fair market price for doing them.

I am very excited to be having two boot camps this year. Excited I tell you – very excited!

After doing this for so many years, we have determined that a lot of our students are ready to jump on stage, but do not know a strong stage induction. Many of our students are clinical hypnotist, or magicians, or have studied hypnosis all their lives but have never done any type of induction. To accommodate this, Lisa will be teaching a one-day, before Boot Camp, Induction Training. The cost for non-participants in the Boot Camp is $375. If you are attending the boot camp that follows, the price is discounted $100 and costs $275.

OREGON Induction Training will take place beginning the evening of July 14th and end late afternoon July 15th in Oregon.

MONTANA Induction Training will take place beginning the evening of August 4th and end late afternoon August 5th in Montana