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Alan Sands Comedy Hypnotist

Since 1993, Alan Sands has been a full-time performer at fairs, festivals, amusement parks, colleges, universities, corporate events, high schools and private parties.

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Stage Hypnosis Training

This coaching is not Pedantic. It is Experiential

This is a magical course.

You do not do a lot of ‘sit, watch & learn‘ like they do in a classroom. No.

You do not practice on fellow classmates who drop into hypnosis easily. Sorry.

This is the original a one-of-a-kind class where you get on stage and DO multiple, solo, full-stage shows; multiple days in a row.

Two veteran performers, Alan Sands and Lisa Kunschick, sit in the audience and take notes, giving you those pointers that take you from a performer to an entertainer, because lets be honest – anyone can do hypnosis, and anyone can copy others and create a show – but actors and performers get training, coaching, directing to make their shows entertaining.

So, that’s what we do – and guess what? This coaching works!

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Stage Hypnosis Boot Camp

This is a very personal class. It is the most personal training available. It is designed to make YOU into a stage hypnotist …

We all have individual needs. Some need voice lessons, improv, need to work on music or routines, entering and exiting a stage, making your volunteers feel comfortable or even GREAT!

Some students want to be presenters, others to do shows, some just want to master public speaking. We are not here to make you into Mini-Me’s. We help make you into what you want to do and be.

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The Stage Hypnotist


Hi, I am Alan…

I began doing hypnosis shows in 1993. I had some advantages and a few disadvantages.


  • My father did stage hypnosis
  • I was a comedy magician on the same stages as Hypnotist Terry Stokes. His influence was tremendous. To this day, I still think he is amongst the best. Terry published a hypnosis book in 2019 and I give this book to every student taking my boot camps in 2019.

When I began, I studied the best book available, took notes and developed my show.  I have  – “The New Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnosis” by Ormond McGill. This book is available for sale if you do not own a copy.
I give you Terry Stokes newest book, “Stage Hypnosis My Way.”


There were no trainers who gave classroom overviews of how to do a stage hypnosis show like Marc Savard, Terry Stokes, Richard Barker, Justin Trance, Jim Wand, Jonathan Chase (in England), Alex William Smith (in England) Jerry Valley with Tommy Vee & Michael DeSchalit, Kevin Lepine, Don Spencer, Barry Jones and others offer.

I did eventually take Jerry Valley’s very first Stage Hypnosis Class with Ormond McGill and Shelly Stockwell in 1999, but it was an introductory class and I was already performing on stages for six years. I gained one routine from a member of the class but was too advanced for the rest of the group. I can now say that the class Jerry Valley, Tommy Vee & Michael DeSchalit do is excellent as a classroom overview of how to do a stage hypnosis show, but it does not get people on stage doing shows.

I lacked…

  • the opportunity to get on stage and work a show with a fresh audience, show after show.
  • a coach or director giving me valuable pointers.
  • a way to create a video demo. Getting good video footage is near impossible when you begin.
  • Photographs, costumes and music are all critical factors in getting off to a good start.

Fairs have always been where I work on new material because I do multiple shows in a row and I have the opportunity to work with a new audience each show.

I realized this is the perfect training grounds to teach someone stage hypnosis!

In October 2013, I began inviting wannabe and newbie stage hypnotists on the road. I get them on stage and they do multiple complete shows.
I videotape them.
I teach them about sound systems, microphones, video equipment, back-of-the-room sales and other little details that can take years to acquire unless you do it – hands on – multiple shows in a row.
To date, I have coached 32 people in nine Boot Camps. I am confident I am doing this right because multiple students have returned twice to further hone their skills and show.


I teach the same way I learn

  • I like it when a teacher tells me what they are going to teach me
  • The teacher then shows me what they told me
  • The teacher then lets me do it

I am having awesome success. Everyone tells me I am doing it right.

It’s exciting to see that so many of my students are making decent money, getting paid fair market value doing complete stage hypnosis shows. In fact, I have helped many of my students after the training is over and gotten shows for them including Dr. Dan Anders, Michael Mayo (http://alansands.com/mayo), James Dayley (http://alansands.com/dayley) Lynx Kim (http://alansands.com/lynx) and Kegan Remmey ~ (http://vimeo.com/alansands/remmey)

My father was a career entertainer. I live by his motto: “Let me teach you everything I know, so you get the hell out of my price range.”

To learn more about me, my bio is on my personal web site:


It tells you all about who I am, what I do, how long I have been performing and for who I perform.

If you want to know me, visit me