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The Stage Hypnotist

Alan Sands – The SandMan

Hi, I am Alan…

I began doing hypnosis shows in 1993. I had some advantages and a few disadvantages.


My father did stage hypnosis

I was a comedy magician on the same stages as Hypnotist Terry Stokes. His influence was tremendous. To this day, I still think he is amongst the best. Terry published a hypnosis book in 2019 called, “Stage Hypnosis My Way” and I give this book to every student taking my boot camps.

When I began, I studied the best book available, took notes and developed my show.  I have  – “The New Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnosis” by Ormond McGill. This book is available for sale here: http://alansands.com/encyclopedia – if you do not own a copy.
As a registered student of my classes, I give you Terry Stokes newest book, “Stage Hypnosis My Way.”


There were no trainers who gave classroom overviews of how to do a stage hypnosis show like Marc Savard, Terry Stokes, Richard Barker, Justin Trance, Jim Wand, Jonathan Chase (in England), Alex William Smith (in England) Jerry Valley with Tommy Vee & Michael DeSchalit, Kevin Lepine, Don Spencer, Barry Jones and others offer.

I eventually took Jerry Valley’s very first Stage Hypnosis Class with Ormond McGill and Shelly Stockwell in 1999. It was an introductory class and I had already been performing on stages for six years.  I can now endorse the current class Jerry Valley, Tommy Vee & Michael DeSchalit as an excellent classroom overview of how to do a stage hypnosis show, but it does not get people on stage doing shows.

The Clinical Hypnotist

Lisa Kunschick

Hi, I am Lisa…

I began studying hypnosis in 1983. I had some advantages and a few disadvantages.


I was young and ready to learn

I trained with some of the greats of hypnosis including Ormond McGill, Charlie Tebbetts and James Russell. They influenced and shaped the way I practice hypnosis.

I spent years studying and was very gung ho.


I was young. I immediately started advertising for clients and they looked at me like I was a little kid.

My mentor suggested I switch to stage hypnosis where my youth would not matter. So I started doing hypnosis house parties. Then eventually I migrated back to the clinical side. I had a clinical hypnosis practice for 14 years in my hometown.

The Clinical Hypnotist

Lisa Kunschick

We offer you what we didn’t have:

  • the opportunity to get on stage and work a show with a fresh audience, show after show.
  • two coaches or directors giving you valuable pointers.
  • a way to create a video demo. Getting good video footage is near impossible when you begin.
  • Photographs, costumes and music are all critical factors in getting off to a good start.

Fairs have always been a great place to work on new material. You can do multiple shows in a row and I have the opportunity to work with a new audience each show.

This is the perfect training grounds to teach someone stage hypnosis!

In October 2013, Alan began inviting newbie stage hypnotists on the road. I get you on stage and you do multiple complete shows.
I videotape you.
I teach you about sound systems, microphones, video equipment, back-of-the-room sales and other little details that can take years to acquire unless you do it – hands on – multiple shows in a row.
To date, I have coached 36 people in ten Boot Camps. I am confident I am doing this right because multiple students have returned twice and one three times to further hone their skills and show.


I teach the way I learn

  • I like it when a teacher tells me what they are going to teach me
  • The teacher then shows me what they told me
  • The teacher then lets me do it

I am having awesome success. Everyone tells me I am doing it right.

It’s exciting to see so many of my students are making decent money, getting paid fair market value doing complete stage hypnosis shows. In fact, I have helped many of my students after the training is over and gotten shows for them including Dr. Dan Anders;

Michael Mayo ~ http://vimeo.com/alansands/mayo;

James Dayley ~ http://vimeo.com/alansands/dayley;

Lynx Kim ~ http://vimeo.com/alansands/lynx ;

and   Kegan Remmey ~ http://vimeo.com/alansands/remmey

My father was a career entertainer. I live by his motto: “Let me teach you everything I know, so you get the hell out of my price range.”

To learn more about me, my bio is on my personal web site:


It tells you all about who I am, what I do, how long I have been performing and for who I perform.

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